in so far this year, staying very busy

Scare Dont Fear full length "From The Ground Up" KBB Records
Gates full length "Bloom and Breathe" Pure Noise Records
Transit (mix)  full length "Joy Ride" Rise Records
EP We are Triumphant Records
Strength Through Suffering full length Eulogy Records
Bottom Feeder
Braeves EP "Drifting by Design"
Cloud Gavin (mix) full length
Threads full length
B List full length
Bloodwork extended EP
Serotones EP
In Transitions EP
Willis Work EP
Ghost of eden Full Length "What Makes You Happy"
Act of Aggression. EP
For The Kill EP
An Old Friend EP
Future Selves EP
The Lucky Jukebox Brigade (mix) full length "Familiar Fevers"

and a whole lot more.......



Welcome to the new Vudu Studios, now located in the heart of the historic village of Port Jefferson, NY. We are within minutes of waterfront restaurants, hotels and exciting nightlife.  Many improvements have come with the move including a new large live room, control room, mix room, two lounges, and a fine blend of vintage and state-of-the-art equipment. Our new private and serene studio is the perfect environment to write,create and record. Feel free to explore our site and contact us with any questions!

Oct 2013

Staying busy summer and fall

Gates (Pure Noise Records) was recently in remixing and mastering the just released EP "You are all You Have Left to Fear"
Tides of Man (Rise Records) is in the studio mixing and mastering their next full length record
Green or Blue just finished tracking a full length with us..mixing will begin early November
Este Coda was in finishing up recording an EP...mixing in November
As Days Fade was in recording 2 new songs...also...mixing in November
An Old Friend recently recorded a new single with us
Dead Love Dove has been in recording a full length 
The Atlicic recently finished and released their new EP " Over The Atlantic" 
Prospect Hill was in recording a new single 
Carbon Tigers were in mixing their new EP "The Wars at Home"
Arcane Smile was in and recently finished thier EP "Through the Elements"

Spring has sprung!!

This winter has been packed with projects!

In the studio:

Iowa band, "The Widow" was in studio to have their second full-length album mixed by Mike. The alternative North Carolina group "The Windsor Oaks Band" came in December to do a full length with Steve and Tom Happel, mixed by Mike. Long Island metal band "Acts of Aggression" are currently tracking an EP with Mike. Boston based band "Lansdowne" just finished tracking a 5 songs EP with Mike and Tom Flynn. They are currently in the mixing stage. Staten Island rockers "Four Nights Gone" came back in to do 5 new songs with us. "The Gatherer" came in from New Jersey to have their album mixed by Mike. Phoenix based band "An Early Fall" is currently in doing 5 brand new songs with Mike and Tom Flynn.


North Carolina group "Sugar Glyder" just released their new LP, "The Eyes: They See" on ORG Music, which was produced and mixed and by Steve.
California band "K-Sera" who had their album "Collisions & Near Misses" produced by Casey Crescenzo and mixed by Mike Watts was just released on Burning House Records.

More great projects are coming through in March. Stay in tune with us!!

2 – 28 - 13

Wow this fall flew by! !

 "The Dear Hunter" finished tracking and mixing their highly anticipated new album with Mike and is currently in the mastering stage. The Australian band "I, Said the Sparrow" worked with Mike on their single "Oh Hello". "Face The King" based out of New York have been working with us on songs "You Me and The Sound" and "Science". Those singles are both pending a release date.
"Luna Lavel" an Indie band from New Jersey did an EP with us in mid October. The clever and witty Rockers "She Said Fire" formally known as "The August Infinity" from Manhattan is currently tracking their EP with us. Hard rock band "De-volver" from Delaware is working on their full length with Mike and Steve. The band "Andare" from Pittsburgh were in recording with Mike and Tom Flynn in mid November.

We're looking forward to this upcoming winter with many new projects and full-length records we are about to embark on!!

11 – 27 - 12

Non Stop Work!

So this month has been non stop work with The Dear Hunter. We're still working on their new record with Mike Watts to be released on Equal Vision Records/Cave and Canary Records. We are getting excited!!!!


One Exciting Month

WOW, this has been one busy month!!!!! 
Virginia band, Holly Would just finished tracking their first full length and is currently in the mixing stage. It will be released in October on One Day Savior Records. Hello Jupiter was in recording their first 3 song EP with us.
Two Connecticut bands, Fourth and Goal (produced by Tom Flynn) and The Morning on Fire (produced by Steve Haigler) were both in working on a bunch of songs with us. New York based band, The Como Brothers are in the midst of recording their first full length record here with Tom Flynn.
California based, K-Sera (produced by Casey Crescenzo, of The Dear Hunter and mixed by Mike Watts) will be released later in the year on Burning House Records.
Speaking of The Dear Hunter; Casey, Nick, Conner and Rob are currently working on their highly anticipated new album here at VuDu Studios. This amazing work will come out on Equal Vision/Cave and Canery Records.   


More Music not enough Blogs

   So much has been happening here at VuDu Studios! We've been making to much music and not enough blogs.. However, that will be changing right now. With our new assistant Anthony Augusta, this "no current news" on the website will no longer be an issue.
   Back in December, The Scarlet Ending from Syracuse, tracked their full length here which was produced and mixed by Steve. Soon to be released on FIERCE LITTLE RECORDS. In Febuary, The American Fangs recorded thier first full length produced and mixed by Mike, and is pending a release date on INDEGOOT RECORDINGS. Sugar Gylder, a band from North Carolina, was in recording a full length produced and mixed by Steve and enginnered by Tom Flynn. The record will be released very shortly on ORG RECORDS. In the hardcore scene, Arms Beanth The Ocean tracked, mixed and mastered thier first 6 songs here pending their first EP release. Azariah's third EP containing 4 songs was produced and mixed by Mike, assistant producing by Tom Flynn. That EP will be dropping very shortly. Digital Summer from Phoenix Arizona, tracked their new album "Breaking Point" and was produced and mixed by Mike. It also had everyones' hands in on the project! I-ignite did 3 songs with Mike and will be released very shortly. Philly based Modern Suits tracked their current single "Stranger" back in November and did 4 more with Steve and Mike in the spring of this year. You can check out that release relatively soon. The popluar cover song "School's Out" thats been all over Sirius Radio by 3 FOR 5 RECORDS artist Eve To Adam, was produced and mixed by Mike. We thankfully will be working with Eve To Adam again very shortly. The Como Brothers Band is still tracking their full length here and is being produced by Tom Flynn. That album will be dropped in the fall. More news with them in just a few weeks! A New Revolution's newest full length was produced by Mike and is currently in the mixing stage. Fourth and Goal tracked 3 more songs with us in late May early June. It was produced and engineered by our own Tom Flynn. The newly formed band from Delware VIA just did 4 songs with us. The newly signed Virigina band Holly Would is in the studio right now tracking their full length album to be released on ONE DAY SAVIOR RECORDS. More updates on them soon. The California based band K Sera, who was produced by Casey Crescenzo (The Dear Hunter) is also being mixed by Mike and will be released in a month or so. In other Casey Crescenzo news, we are very proud to announce his new partnership with EQUAL VISION RECORDS. Check out the article here! Casey and The Dear Hunter are coming in to the Studio in a month or so to work with Mike on their highly anticipated new album!



 THE DEAR HUNTER TRIPLE CROWN RECORDS released the COLORS EPs through I Tunes this week. WOW!!! Charted #8 on the alternative list and #42 on all of I Tunes. It also shot up to #3 on Amazon. Congrats to CASEY!!!! 
1st) Go buy it and support one of the most talented artist in the industry today.
2nd) Who says people won't go out and buy new music?!?! Goes to show, if you record great songs, and make a great product, people WILL buy it. The full vinyl version is about $80. The full download version is about $35. Rumor has it, the cost of this massive endeavor was recouped in....... ONE DAY!!!! 

I just mixed a radio single "No One But You" for the FEARLESS RECORDS band EVERY AVENUE, see them on the VANS WARP TOUR.
I just mixed the single "Failing Down" for the L.A. based band KYNG. They recently signed with REALID RECORDS. We will also be mastering the full length.
I just mixed the single "Trix" for the Boston based, industry popular band THE BAD RABBITS. They will also be on the VANS WARP TOUR this year and will be re releasing their STICK UP KIDS EP adding this single.
I just started mixing a full length record for the L.A. based, ex TOOTH & NAIL band RUTH
Steve just finished mixing an EP for CADENCE
Steve is in producing for ZAC MOBLEY from Oklahoma 
I just finished mixing New York based AZERIAH. We are mastering right now.

Check This Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Well, well, well,... it seems most of todays  musicians, bands, and artists have their own pro tools rig. Luckily for us, the Pro Tools manual doesn't come with a chapter on how to correctly record, mix and produce. :-) We can assist in getting your project to the next level at any phase along the way. Wether it be tuning an almost great vocal performance, editing drums, re-amping a weak guitar sound, or putting the professional final mix and master on your record, WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!! Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our services.

     Off-Site Send us your files!
          Re-Amping Guitars
          Tuning Vocals
          Drum Sound Replacement

    On-Site Work with us in person!

          Pro Tools Lessons
          Pre Production

March 10, 2011

WE ARE OFF!!!! to a great start this year!

ONE DAY SAVIOR RECORDS is back and going strong!!! We just finished doing an EP with Philly based ME AGAINST MYSELF the first new artist signed to ODS. I hear hints of At the Drive in and Dashboard in the music. It's EXCELLENT!!! We just wanted to keep recording more songs with them. 

TRAGEDY MACHINE (DIGITAL SUMMER side project) hailing from Phoenix, was in doing a full length record with us.  Heavy, melody driven, industrial, great songs!! Just finishing mix tweaks now. 

CHARETTA, New York based HEAVY HEAVY rock band was in cutting an EP with me. Like Chavelle meets Alanis, great grooves, riffs and killer vocals! Check em out!!!!

I just finished mixing a full length record for Delaware based THE GREAT VALLEY. a two brother co-writing playing everything themselves hit machine!!!
Trippy, groovy, atmospheric  APOPHENIA was in doing an EP with us, hopefully being released soon. 
PAGING GRACE is back for their second recording with us cutting 2 new tunes and revamping 5 recently recorded tracks. Excellent songs you all must hear!
FACE THE KING is in again finishing up an EP with us. I feel we are about to embark on some great things with them....more to come with that soon.
Look out for the DEAR HUNTER COLORS EPs coming out soon on TRIPLE CROWN RECORDS, I"m finishing up on the mixes this week. EPIC!!!!!! that's all I can say!!

WAY WAY MORE next time


Check out Mike's Interview on Examiner.com

A self-described purist when it comes to production, Mike Watts takes pride in combining old-school elements with the latest technology. His recording base, VuDu Studios, is the best of both worlds, with the added advantage of providing a base for artists while they track. With the studio adjacent to his home, Watts offers, quite literally, room and "board" for his clients. The advantage, he says, is that when musicians come to VuDu, it’s all about the music — with no distractions.

Continue reading on Examiner.com: The Magic of VuDu: Producer Mike Watts on Capturing Energy and Sonic Quality


December 10, 2010

December 10, 2010

Busy Busy BUSY, OFF on Christmas though.... That's it!! ;-) 
  We are pretty full on here working with THE DEAR HUNTER. Soon after mixing ACT III, (which is one of my favorite records I've ever worked on), Casey asked if I was interested in co producing 2 of the COLORS EPs with him....What a huge compliment from such an extraordinary talent!! Of course I said yes and here we are a few months later creating some of the most beautifully written, layered and textured songs to ever be recorded here!! I cannot wait for everyone to hear this! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! watch his live acoustic youtube video, THE DEAR HUNTER part 2 SETH DEMING, it's truly amazing!! 
  The PHEREMONES out of Rochester NY were in working with Steve and Scott. Pure, real, organic is how I can describe the vibe, I really enjoyed mixing this.
  Locals BREAKERAGE RISING have been in working with Scott on a 6 song EP, I should be mixing this by months end.
  THE KID HENRY were in recording 2 more excellent guitar driven tunes working towards a full length record.
  ONSET hailing from Baltimore MD were in recording a single with me. Not fair that 1 band has 2 great guitar players. Very very good riff writing!!
Much much more coming in to talk about later

Thanks again SOOOOO much to all of you who continue to let us work and create with you!! 

From all of us at Vu Du, enjoy the holiday season and spend as much time as you possibly can with your family, friends, and loved ones.
(but then hurry back to writing and recording LOL!!)


October 16, 2010

 October 16, 2010

FIRST!!!!!!!!! Check out the new baby pics in our photo selection!! Our 2 NEVE 1073s had puppies!!! We now have a family of eight NEVE 1073s!!!!!!!! This IS the real deal!!
After years of recording at Vu Du and many many other studios, we decided it was time to do what any producer/engineer could only dream of doing. We sold our large format Trident console and aspired to build a hybrid desk from the 2 very BEST tracking consoles on the planet. 1) A NEVE 80 series console which houses 1073s. 2) An API console which has 512c mic pres and 550B or 550A eqs. We never wanted to be limited to one sound or the other. If you know anything about these sonic beasts, they are the only way to make legit rock records. We wanted the choice for us or any outside producer to be A or 1A, no exceptions!! Now you can make a NEVE record here or an API record here, or mix match!!
This was no easy task...We summoned our friends at Sterling Modular to build us an empty frame console that could house such an idea. We also designed it to have 32 faders, total control of PRO TOOLS and its" plug ins all within the sweet spot.
Now our outboard rack is filled with guitar heads, old and new (new in the last 2 months, ORANGE TINY TERROR, MESA TRANS ATLANTIC, and the KRANK KRANKENSTEIN JR 50 watt)
We have also added 3 new guitars to our collection, an American Gibson SG, a DBZ Bolero Calavera, and a DBZ Imperial FM. All of these guitars sound so sweet!!!!!!


I'm in the midst of mixing a Chicago based band CARBON TIGES ep. Just in was a PHEONIX based band AN EARLY FALL that we produced a 5 song ep for. Check it out, it is like a creapy version of CHEVELLE with a female singer. The AMERICAN FANGS were just in recording 2 more songs for their up and coming full length that I am also mixing. Check them out on tour right now with FOUR YEARS STRONG, THE WONDER YEARS, and COMEBACK KID. THE NEW BLACK just entered the studio to do a 5 song ep with STEVE. In last week was FRANK VIELE and the MANHATTAN PROJECT doing, yes you guessed it, a 5 song ep. They are full of soul, funk and serious chops!! TONS more going on that I will mention next time...


September 2, 2010

 September 2, 2010

HEY ALL!!!!!
First blog at the new website and location. What a great area Port Jefferson is. We are so close to the town we are all going broke eating at all these fantastic restaurants! TOTALLY different vibe from our old location in Freeport. We now wake up to birds chirping and the gentle rustle of a cool breeze through the trees instead of earth shaken tremors of large commercial trucks and the faint yet often sound of gunshots! LOL!!!!!
As usual we are busy little bees! FOR THE TAKING was in doing 3 songs with us. TORYN GREEN(FUEL APOCOLYPTICA) fronts this band and WOW they have come full circle. This is the remaining cast of Long Island favorite A FAREWELL FIRE with a new singer and the material is outstanding!!!! Check their MYSPACE for the tunes we did together.
Kyle from DIGITAL SUMMER was in doing 2 co-writes with me. and I mixed 2 new tunes for them.
FACE THE KING is in doing an EP with Steve and Scott. I believe I will be mixing.
SOMERSET AVENUE from Australia was in mixing their new EP with Me and Mike Picotte from SWEETWATER SOUND.
STEREO SERENADE is in doing 8 new tracks with us, we spent a ton of time in the rehearsal studio doing pre pro for this recording. When it's done...

We are thankfully heading into a very busy fall and winter. I didn't know what the response would be from our clients and friends at the new location after being in Freeport for 12 years but the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. :-) (everyone loves the new color scheme)!! LOL

As usual, we will do our very best to achieve the highest quality recording and production for the most reasonable and fair prices. We will continue to treat every client as if they had a $1,000,000 budget, (HA those days are gone). We will continue to try to grow our network of family, clients and friends as we have done for 14 years and lastly, we will stay on the cutting edge of technology for the most seamless and creative sessions..... I believe that is why we are still around and luckily always staying busy!